Radical Something – Sun Down (Music Video) (New HQ Version) : Chill Acoustic Hip Hop [New HQ Mastered]

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Today I've got some very cool visuals to one of the laid back tracks off of Radical Something's We Are Nothing album, as long as an unreleased newly recorded HQ mp3 of the track. This video shows both singers Loggy and Josh running around with their friends throughout California. There are a few scenes of them driving to what looks like an epic spot to see the sunset, with blankets wrapped around them. I'm sure some of you guys can relate as I've done the same here in Boulder many times, as well as when visiting CA, especially after an epic night, just to give it the perfect ending. This was a great track off the album, and now the guys gave us the exclusive HQ newly mastered version of the song, never been released before. Chill out, enjoy!

Radical Something – Sun Down | Direct Download

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