Dance Along With Raphael Futura’s Chill New Genre-Blender “Take A Chance”

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We love finding artists that flip the script and blaze their own trail with new music. Our newest addition to the site is the fresh new artist Raphael Futura with this debut single, “Take A Chance.” Futura has definitely caught our attention with his gorgeous genre-blending abilities, and you need to hear it for yourself.

This infectious new track expertly entwines the energy of a house hit, the dream-inducing spell of an ambient electronica track, and the charismatic groove of funk jam. It’s the perfect dance music for a laid-back drive or chill-out night in. Not too fiery, but it ain’t no lullaby. About the debut single, Futura states:

“‘Take a Chance’ is a romantic reminder that by taking a chance with a someone, we can overcome our fears and discover something new about ourselves. Sometimes you need a little push to get you out of your comfort zone and realize what you might be missing. ‘Take a Chance’ was the very first song I wrote for myself and I also used it as a vehicle to bring something new out of me. I took a chance at writing this song and it helped me find the path of the album; the reward is always in a form of risk.”

This latest offering comes as the first single from Futura’s forthcoming album, Riviera. We’re vibin’ hard to this bright debut single, and we’re definitely ready to hear more of this project. Stream Raphael Futura’s debut single, “Take A Chance,” below. Enjoy!

Raphael Futura – Take A Chance