4 Real Chill Songs All Can Enjoy

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So I walk to class today, and there are thousands of people smoking weed outside as some of you may know, i'll post pictures and more info tomorrow haha it was insane. Anyways I've got 4 songs that are sooo sick it was hard to put them in a single post, as sometimes songs get neglected that way. Well the first song i've got is a sick mash-up of Notorious B.I.G. and the indie group The XX, sounds a little off from the names, but it works sooo well. Check out this first off 4 reaall sick chill tracks posted today. I'm sure you'll all enjoy all 4. Let me know what you're favorite is in the comments.

Rap/Indie The Islands Is The Limit – Notorious B.I.G. vs The XX (Wait What Remix)

04 islands is the limit [the notorious b.i.g. vs. the xx]

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Secondly Is suchh a sick song, it's sooo chill as well. It's a got a folk feel and reminds me of a more classic rock type band. It's from the John Butler Trio who are actually making an appearance off at Red Rocks this summer, so get tickets to that before they sell out. This track is nothing short of sick and comes from the April Uprising album as a bonus track. Enjoy!

Rock/Folk Only You – John Butler Trio


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This last track is from one of the chillest bands I listen too. I've loved them since their older cd which i'll post a couple tracks from soon, but for now I've got two off of The Heartland Panic. This first one 'Sleep Awake' is soo sick, and the beat is just amazing. It's a little more upbeat then the first two chill ones, but I'm sure you'll all enjoy it!

Rap/Hip-Hop Sleep Awake -Soulcrate Music


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Next is another sick track from Soulcrate Music off the same album and this one's called 'Think About Me' . It has even a little more energy, but i'm sure you'll all enjoy the track. Lyrics are sick as well. Enjoy all these awesome tracks.

Rap/Hip-Hop Think About Me – Soulcrate Music


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