Redrum Releases Emotional Downtempo EP ‘Pisces Moon’ via SSKWAN

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Inspired by Stephen King’s ‘The Shining,’ Portland-based producer, Redrum, curates bewitching music to help her listeners find their inner magic. Having recently lost her father she chose to express her feelings through music and has teamed up with Liquid Stranger’s downtempo label, SSKWAN, for her debut EP, Pisces Moon.

Composed of four bewitching songs, Pisces Moon serves as an ode to her late father where each piece is a part of her healing process. Here’s what Redrum had to say about the EP:

Phases” was written about going through the first year without him here, and that healing comes in phases, and like the moon it’s okay to feel empty sometimes. “Floating” and “Dreamy” were both pieces I wrote without the intention of ever releasing them, and I actually wrote both the pieces in a manic state as a way to get out the emotions I was processing from the loss. “Divine” is probably my favorite track off the EP, it’s the closing track and is a culmination of my grief and emotions going through that time period.

Stream the project below and enjoy!

Redrum – Pisces Moon