[PREMIERE] “Relax” Receives House Cover From New Producer Flush Just In Time For Zoolander 2 [Free Download]

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We had never heard of Flush before, in fact, it looks like no one has yet. Though after a member of his team reached out to us, we were immediately intrigued by his raw talent with Flush's cover of "Relax." And since there is almost zero information about the new artist available, we reached out to Flush to hear what he had to say.

"I want to recapture the lost spirit of dance music, music that is alive and loose as opposed to stiff and robotic. Embracing musical imperfections is the only way to end up with something that's human."

Serving as his introduction to the world, "Relax" does exactly as Flush mentioned above. Manipulating the quintessential 80s song to create a modern electro jam, the funk-house musician plays live drums, bass, guitar, and saxophone to provide the track with its refreshingly organic feel. Most will know the original song from the movie Zoolander where Derek Zoolander is hilariously brainwashed by Mugatu (Will Ferrell) into assasinating the prime minister of Malaysia. Check out "Relax" below and try not to say in Mugatu's voice, "It's that damn Flush! He's so hot right now!" after listening. 

Stream the full cover below and enjoy!

Flush – Relax | Free Download