REMNANT.exe Unleashes a Mechanized Tidal Wave with New Single “Powercell”


One highlight of 2021 has to be our introduction to wave music—and specifically, a producer who specializes in the genre, REMNANT.exe. His expansive soundscapes have plunged us into digitized worlds we never even knew existed. Today, however, REMNANT takes a break from world creator and pivots to star destroyer with the release of his new track, “Powercell.”

We begin in a space of pensive reflection, the thoughtful orchestration inspiring bird’s eye visions of a futuristic urban setting glowing in the night. Electromagnetic waves hum to life deep beneath the surface, rapid glints begin to multiply, and, in a moment’s notice, a titanic wave crashes forth. Its power is both devastating and life-bringing. It is raw unwavering power, beautiful in its untamed nature.

REMNANT.exe has released music with Sable Valley, Terrorythm, and now Liquid Ritual. When listening to his library, it’s easy to see why this new talent is in such high demand, his wide swath of sounds and themes providing a myriad of listening experiences within the immersive realm of wave. Stream REMNANT.exe’s new track, “Powercell,” below. Enjoy!

REMNANT.exe – Powercell