REMNANT.exe Illustrates Sci-Fi Inspired Soundscapes on New ‘Psychokinesis’ EP


We first became acquainted with the futuristic and dystopian sounds of REMNANT.exe back in March, when he debuted on RL Grime’s cutting edge label, Sable Valley. Today, the enigmatic producer follows up that release with a mesmerizing new body of work that will immerse you into a vivid sci-fi domain. The project is titled, Psychokinesis, and it’s a five-tracker that’s out via another forward thinking label,

Hitting play on this one is the equivalent of strapping on a virtual reality headset and soaring through the infinite realm of cyberspace. Each one of these tracks offer not only gripping sound design, but the melodies also have a way of resonating deep within. REMNANT.exe isn’t just trying to melt your face, but really take you somewhere. And he succeeds on Psychokinesis, one of our favorite electronic releases of the year so far.

You can listen to REMANT.exe’s new five-track EP below. Enjoy!

REMNANT.exe – Psychokinesis EP