Retrospekt Festival Announces Lineup, Offers A Unique Cinematic Music Experience

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Retrospekt Festival is a virtual event that’s taking online festivals in a clever new direction. They’re offering a “cinematic music experience,” where, instead of a webcam and a green screen, live sets are shot using production equipment that would typically be used for professional projects like music videos and movies.

The whole festival was shot with four different immersive stages designed by renowned visual artists for both DJs and live performers. Headliners for the festival include Anabel Englund, Autograf, SNBRNSOFI TUKKER, and more.

Retrospekt will be is produced by Ideaisonan awesome experiential and digital entertainment company composed of underrepresented (women/poc/LGBTQIA) artists and creatives.

This one is set to kick off next weekend, July 11-12, and you won’t want to miss it.

For more info on Retrospekt, follow this link here.