REZZ & Deathpact Share A Deadly “Chemical Bond” on Concussive New Track

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If you felt an earthquake this morning, no need to fear. It’s just REZZ & Deathpact shattering the Earth’s crust with their colossal new track titled “Chemical Bond.” One look at this two-person roster and you know something sinister is on its way. This is the first track off of REZZ’s upcoming fourth studio album, Spiral, and she’s come out swinging. 

Hair-raising wobbles create an anxiety-inducing air to start, but that anxiety soon gives way to bass-induced narcosis as growling samples pound into the deepest parts of your psyche. Don’t fight it, just bob with it. Trust me.

No way you’ll escape this treacherous sonic cocktail without forming a full-blown addiction. In this particular case, I say feed it. Stream REZZ & Deathpact’s new track, “Chemical Bond,” below. Enjoy!

REZZ x Deathpact – Chemical Bond