Rezz Serves Up Entrancing Goth-Inspired EP ‘IT’S NOT A PHASE’

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If you haven’t heard, Rezz is in the midst of her emo era, and we are here for it. Well, to be perfectly clear, IT’S NOT A PHASE. The Canadian producer digs into her emo roots with her brand new, seven-track EP.

The rock-twinged IT’S NOT A PHASE, features walls of power chords, metal beats, and anthemic vocals. The EP feels like a new side of Rezz we’ve never heard, but at the same time, a piece of her that has been there all along, begging to come out. For long-time fans of the artist, IT’S NOT A PHASE is the perfect diversion from the iconic Rezz sound we adore, and a beautiful introduction to the music that inspired her to develop that very sound we know and love today.

Features from Alice Glass, Silverstein, Johnny Goth, Grabbitz, MKLA, Raven Gray, Tim Henson, and fnksyd give each track a unique identity within the EP, though the common emo core remains strong. 

Rezz shared the meaning and inspiration behind the new EP, commenting:

With this goth EP, I’ve really encapsulated some of my early inspiration musically before I even got into dance music. I grew up listening to bands exclusively, and over time developed an understanding of what it was about those songs that I loved. Lots of use of guitar, eerie melodies and distorted basses – this is a blend between sounds I’m known for while also expanding on my range with using new vocal styles and instruments.

You can stream IT’S NOT A PHASE at the link below, out everywhere via HypnoVizion. Enjoy!