Rezz Releases 12 New IDs On Highly Anticipated ‘Nightmare On Rezz Street 2’ Mix

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Rezz has had an extremely exciting month. The EDM icon announced her very own labelHypnoVizion, creating a community for new talent and bass music aficionados to convene. As Rezz additionally prepares for her upcoming Rezz Rocks event at the legendary Denver venue (October 27 + 28), the label boss treats her fans to a special release. As the first official release on HypnoVizion and second edition of her beloved mix series, Rezz presents twelve new IDs on “Nightmare On Rezz Street 2“.

Accompanied by spooky visuals just in time for Halloween, Rezz starts the mix off with a chilling “Intro“, followed by the iconic distorted bass sound we have come to love from the producer. Moving forward to a breakbeat-style intro, Rezz drops “ID 2” with full force, accompanied by eerie vocal samples and hair-raising synths. We couldn’t help but imagine what these IDs would sound like live- all of them are primed for massive crowds. The impactful four-on-the-floor beat from “ID 3” especially caught our attention, leading into a spooky arpeggio and atmospheric pads on “ID 4“. Though we could go on and on about each individual track, make sure to listen to this incredibly well-rounded, head-banging mix for yourself.

Rezz shared her thoughts on the development of “Nightmare On Rezz Street 2,” commenting:

This kind of project has been the most fun for me throughout my career. ‘Nightmare on Rezz Street’ is a 30 minute mix of unreleased music that I may not have ever released otherwise. I create the songs with zero expectation, other than to finish each one. This is my second time creating this audio/visual cohesive mix, and it brings me back to when I first started making music & the freedom that comes with just putting music out for fun on the internet without any major concise plans.

You can watch the audiovisual “Nightmare On Rezz Street 2” mix at the link below, out now via HypnoVizion. Enjoy!

Rezz – Nightmare On Rezz Street 2