REZZ Turns In Another Electric Goth Single “Embers”

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Since announcing her upcoming goth-themed EP IT’S NOT A PHASE earlier this year, REZZ has released a string of gritty, emo singles. Out today via her HypnoVizion label, “Embers” is the third and final single before we get the full EP.

“Embers” is reminiscent of early 2000s grunge hits with a modern bass-boosted twist. Distortion-heavy power chords and a strong vocal performance from Raven Gray create a deliciously angsty vibe. The drop leading up to the chorus contains REZZ’s signature creepy synth textures. Even with its grimy guitar and midtempo punk percussion, the sound on this tune is still clearly recognizable as REZZ while also expanding on it.

Although we don’t have an exact release date, REZZ’s social media promises us that IT’S NOT JUST A PHASE will be coming sometime in July. Make sure to give “Embers” a listen below. Enjoy!

REZZ – Embers