RHNO Delivers Another Delightful Indie Rock Track “Like The Magic”


Back in August, we had the pleasure of discovering indie rock group RHNO. The Brooklyn-based duo is back at it again with their latest single “Like Magic“.

RHNO’s sound is best described as a modern revival of the indie music we loved in the mid-2010s. Like their previous releases, “Like Magic” is a pleasant, guitar-centered track. The sunny vocals shine over warm chords and zippy little guitar riffs. However, this song leans into more psychedelic territory. We’re treated to a dialed-up second half of the track, with an amped-up, echoing bass line on the bridge, and reverb-heavy synth.

With this latest release, RHNO makes a strong case to be a future mainstay in our indie music rotation. After earning a spot on Spotify’s fresh finds playlist, it’s really only a matter of time before they blow up. We definitely recommend checking out this track using the link below. Enjoy!

RHNO – Like The Magic