Rich Brian (Formerly Rich Chigga) Shares Debut Album ‘Amen’ Ft. Joji & Offset

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Rich Brian, the Rapper formerly known as Rich Chigga has now released his debut studio album, Amen. The 14-track project includes features from the incredibly talented Joji, who has blown us away since releasing serious music after years of doing comedy videos and songs as Filthy Frank and Pink Guy.

Brian also links up with Migos' Offset on "Attention" and shows a unmistakeable chemistry with each collaborator on the album. The young Indonesian rapper has been vocal about his concerns about his music being taken seriously when he first started, and with his quality of music he's definitely earned his respect. His deep voice and chopped flow are enjoyable throughout, but where he really shines is his production. He has a way of crafting beats that have hard-hitting 808s and percussion while placing dreamy, bright melodies beside them coming together in a unique way. "Glow Like Dat" was one of the singles that remains one of the highlights of "Amen" while his new song "Introvert" with Joji is one of the other early standouts. It's exciting whenever we hear a project of this quality come from a teenager and can't wait to see where his career goes from here. Enjoy!

Rich Brian – Amen