Techno Legend Richie Hawtin Unveils Stunning Audiovisual Experience ‘CLOSE COMBINED’

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One of techno’s GOATs has just dropped a stunning new project. Richie Hawtin, a revered name that’s been crushing it for decades, has put together an experiment designed to “bring greater transparency to the underlying art of DJing in the ‘press-play’ era.” 

The project, titled CLOSE COMBINED, fuses together three of his ‘CLOSE live’ performances from three different stops from his 2018 tour. With crowd-sourced footage and the live recordings, Richie and his team were able to craft a seamless audiovisual experience.

There’s many live electronic performances out there where the audience simply has no idea what the artist is doing up there. Richie Hawtin puts himself on full display here, with a handful of different angles that show his every move on stage. As a house and techno head, I already had an appreciation for his selecting skills, but this just made me an even bigger fan.

Check out the wild audiovisual piece below and be amazed. Enjoy!

Richie Hawtin – CLOSE COMBINED