Rihanna’s Single “Needed Me” Receives Incredible Trap Remix From 4B & Odeeus

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New Jersey native 4B has taken on Rihanna's single "Needed Me" with the help of up-and-comer Odeeus and they completely reimagine the track into a trap heater. They pitch up Rihanna's silky vocals and place epic, cinematic drums and a gritty powerful bassline underneath it.

4B and Odeeus provide the original track with a dark trap makeover that's fueled with melodic punchy synths and creative vocal chops that keep you on your toes. While 4B is mainly known for his jersey club sound on tracks like on his remix of Jack U's "Mind" and DJ Snake's "Middle", it's cool to him switch things up here. Stream the premiere of his latest below and enjoy!

N33d3d M3 (4B & Odeeus Remix) | Free Download