Rising Artist DOPE LEMON Blends Chill Indie & Western Sounds In Must Hear ‘Smooth Big Cat’ Album

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On Friday morning, our editor Jake asked me if I have ever listened to DOPE LEMON; I hadn’t, I had never heard of him. Shocked, he told me that he sounds like “a combination of Khruangbin x Tame Impala x Johnny Cash”, and he just released a new album Smooth Big Cat that is a “must listen”. Fast forward three hours later, I respond with “I am fully obsessed”. I cycled through the album from start to finish, then jumped straight into his 2016 album Honey Bones. I texted all of my music buddies right away, many of which became instant fans.

After doing a bit more research, I figured out that DOPE LEMON is Angus Stone’s project. That rocked my world because “Chateau” by Angus & Julia Stone is an all-time favorite song of mine. So the realization that DOPE LEMON was Angus Stone was a weird ~circle-of-life~ moment.

Enough about me… DOPE LEMON makes great music. The whole album has a mellow, western-cowboy atmosphere that you just have to hear for yourself. I added the entire album to a playlist and have been listening ever since… Enjoy!

DOPE LEMON – Smooth Big Cat