Rising Artist ford. Delivers Hypnotic Remix of Jai Wolf’s “Lose My Mind”

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Foreign Family Collective’s up and coming artist ford. (also known as Luc Bradford) didn’t disappoint with his latest remix of Jai Wolf’s “Lose My Mind” featuring Mr Gabriel. The original track off of Jai Wolf’s latest album The Cure to Loneliness was an unexpected surprise to fans as the song drifted away from Jai’s usual mesmerizing electronic tracks and encompassed an indie-alternative sound reminiscent of early 90’s rock. However, the smooth vocals of Mr Gabriel provide some familiarity to Jai’s original style as he was also featured on one of Jai’s most popular singles, “Starlight.”

ford.’s remix puts another unique spin on “Lose My Mind” that encompasses his signature sound through gentle piano melodies and minimal vocals, turning Jai’s upbeat indie track into a euphoric melody that highlights the dreamy instrumentals of the original song. Remnants of Mr Gabriel’s haunting voice can be heard in powerful bursts throughout the track, while ford. combines bits and pieces of guitar riffs and shimmering synths to produce an uplifting aesthetic that compliments Jai’s distinctive production style. We’re looking forward to ford.’s future projects, but for now listen to his stunning remix below and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Jai Wolf – Lose My Mind (ford. Remix)