Rising Artist Jimi Somewhere Shines On Edgy Indie Single “1st Place” + Interview

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Today we’re excited to be introducing a special young talent to the site with Jimi Somewhere. Real name Benjamin Scahndy, the Norwegian artist comes from a mid-sized town called Hokksund and has already established a great signature sound at a young age. Today he begins the rollout of his forthcoming Ponyboy EP with the lead single “1st Place” that has us excited to hear the full project.

This song and the full EP are due via Next Wave Reocrds / Ultra, which has seen some incredible releases over the years including Louis The Child, Bearson and more. Now they’ve expanded their realm of music into more indie releases with Jimi Somewhere taking the charge on this new sound we’re excited about from the label. We also had the pleasure of catching up with Jimi on an interview so be sure to check it out below.

Jimi has a way of blending DIY indie sounds with uplifting electronic pop elements in a laid-back way that is entirely his own. His vocals have a unique quality about them and fit his style of songwriting perfectly. On “1st Place”, he goes between an irresistibly catchy chorus and verses that are somewhere in between singing and rapping with a touch of an emo sound. There is a feeling of nostalgia in the song and Jimi explains, “We wanted it to sound almost like a coming of age movie set in the Summer”

“Me and two of my best friends, one of which is my producer Milo Orchis, saved up some money after high school so we could get from Norway to LA and work on music there for a couple months. Just to see what happens. During our stay we got so inspired by it, we made this whole EP.

First Place was made by me and Milo together with another Norwegian producer we befriended during our stay called Bearson. Actually, during our first week in LA we met up with Bearson and made the song on that same day. It’s written and performed by myself, produced by Bearson & Milo Orchis. It’s a song about how, no matter what I’m going through in life, I’m gonna be okay as long as I got my friends beside me.” – Jimi Somewhere

Check out the new song and interview below and Enjoy!

Jiimi Somewhere – 1st Place

As a Norwegian artist, how did you link up with the US-baed Next Wave? 

Me & my two best friends (one of which is my producer) went to Los Angeles for like 3 months last spring. Bearson (one of the co-founders of Next Wave) had just followed me on IG like a month before so i just DMed him and asked him if he wanted to hang when we got out there. We did and really connected and made some awesome music. He showed my stuff to the other head of Next Wave and the rest is history! 

What’s some of your biggest influences or inspiration on this new music?

We were listening to a lot of Phoebe Bridgers & American Pleasure Club around that time. Really a lot of guitar based, melancholy stuff. Some pop punk bands too. Other than that people like Frank Ocean, Kevin Abstract, Kanye & Kendrick always linger in my mind whenever i create. 

What does “1st Place” mean to you?

«1st Place» is a song ive wanted to write for a long time. As a kid i never was the best at anything. Which sucked but it helped me learn a lot. About how everybody move at their own pace and nothing in life is a race. Like its okay that Im not «billie eolith big» yet and its okay that my peers are more successful than me. I dont have to be first. I have all these amazing people in my life that care for me and supports me when im going through stuff. And we will have our time eventually! 

Is there a particular song from the “Ponyboy” EP you have that you enjoyed making the most?

Maybe «1st Place» since we made that song with Bearson which was really fun. Me and Milo usually work alone so being in the studio with somebody else is different and super fun for us. «I Shot My Dog» was awesome to make too since its such an energetic song and i got one of my heroes to lay this sick guitar solo on it as well. 

When should we expect the rest of the project to roll out? 

Over the course of the first quarter of 2019!! 

We saw you did a UK tour with Boy Pablo. Did you get a chance to work on new music together?

Im gonna keep that confidential for now. Me and Pablo been friends for a long time though so we’ll see what will happen. 

What can fans expect next from Jimi Somewhere?

Ive been working on the ‘Ponyboy’ universe for so long so im just really excited to present it to the world.

What was your favorite food you had when you visited the states? 

We were eating mostly fast food since we are broke and young so i would say Five Guys maybe. I also tried Korean BBQ one time which was really awesome.