Rising Artist Yoshi Flower Shines On Genre-Blending “Dirty Water” + Interview

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Yoshi Flower is someone we’ve been excited about ever since he launched this solo project. He shined on his recent project American Raver and is back for more. This time around he’s shared the single “Dirty Water” that expertly blends genres just like he’s done up to this point. There’s elements of hip-hop electronic and ibid music in his sound, and he combines these influences effortlessly in a unique fashion. Along with this must hear new single we also got a chance to catch up with the talented artist about launching his solo project, live shows, collaborations and more. Check out the song and interview below. Enjoy!

Yoshi Flower – Dirty Water

How has the launch of Yoshi Flower been different from your previous duo of Gosh Pith?

I’m on my own and I’ve grown a lot. I miss creating with Josh from Gosh Pith all the time but life forces us all in different directions sometimes. I am existing now in my dream fulfilled.

What has it been like to take these new songs to the road and perform them live?

It’s a drug. It’s a risk. I don’t know who is going to come or care, but people come and sing all of the words. If you are one of those people and reading this please know I love you so dearly. 

What does this new song “Dirty Water” mean to you?

It’s a song about dependency and water. The cost of living and the human condition.

I liked the song you did with Quinn XCII, who are some other artists you’ve been working with lately? What has your experience collaborating with various artists been like?

I’ve been working with friends still, Elohim, Jesse Rutherford, KennyHoopla, my friend has a new project called Hearts and my best friends started a band called Valentine that I am producing stuff for. It’s always been very natural. We usually make music without a motive, no intention to put it on any sort of project. Creating for the act of creating itself.

You blend a number of different sounds in your music. What is your musical background?

Listening to everything was my background. I am an addict and I listen and listen and feel for years. I listened to my dad’s record collection and then once I got a guitar I immediately started making my own songs. I don’t know how to play any other people’s songs other than a few bob Dylan an Neil Young tunes.

What’s the most exciting thing going on right now for Yoshi Flower?

Working on my spiritual and mental practice. I’ve been becoming a good person for the first time really, being honest and helping others without self-seeking motives. It is an amazing high.