Rising Rapper Reo Cragun Shines On 5-Track ‘Far From Famous’ EP

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One of my favorite artists, Reo Cragun, is leveling up. He’s been killing it ever since “Inconsiderate” dropped back in 2016. Since then he’s pumped out impressive EPs and singles before linking up with Flume on “Friends” and now with Ekali on “Runaway” along with his must hear new EP titled Far From Famous.

This new 5-track offering was executive produced by Grammy-nominated production duo Mike & Keys and slaps from front to back. Reo has an unique approach to his songwriting with various vocal inflections throughout each song. He’s got a way of switching from a deeper voice, to falsetto and then back without hesitation. Far From Famous is the latest chapter for the rising star and I can’t wait to hear where he goes from here. Enjoy!

Reo Cragun – Far From Famous