RKCB Deliver Energetic R&B Track “Vice”


LA-based duo RKCB have put out another soulful R&B track, following up their recent "Surreal" collaboration with Louis Futon. Consisting of instrumentalist Riley Knapp and vocalist Casey Barth, RKCB have been making a name for themselves, with tens of millions of plays across Spotify and SoundCloud. Their songwriting and vocal talent continues to shine on their latest release, “Vice.”

“Vice” shows a more energetic side of RKCB, packing a punch with a huge, brassy synth lead. Barth’s airy vocals are backed by ambient pads and samples and continue with a chorus over the lead synth. These elements are tightly woven together to make “Vice” an epic addition to RKCB’s growing collection of electronic-infused R&B. Enjoy!

RKCB – Vice