RL Grime Announces First Ever Sable Valley Compilation Album

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So far, the music that’s come out of RL Grime‘s high-coveted Sable Valley label has been top-notch. With only eight releases in just over a year, the label definitely seeks out quality over quantity, which is why we can’t wait to hear what they bring to the table for their first ever label compilation, Sable Valley Summer Vol. 1.

With RL Grime as the boss of Sable Valley, we’re fully expecting that he’ll be among the artists featured on on this comp. We also wouldn’t be surprised to see his new right-hand man, Juelz with a tune on there as well.

As of now, all we know is that the compilation is set for an August 14 release and is going to be 15 tracks deep.

Stay tuned for what should be one hell of a showcase for RL Grime’s fresh label.


AUGUST 14 pic.twitter.com/lrNQEX7Zd1

— SABLE VALLEY (@sable_valley) July 27, 2020