RL Grime Drops Epic, Cinematic New Banger “Silo” with Hex Cougar

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RL Grime has been known for releasing quality over quantity. We typically only get one or two per year, but he always delivers. Today he shares a brand new one called “Silo,” which comes as a collaboration with veteran producer Hex Cougar and vocalist fknsyd.

Both RL Grime and Hex Cougar have a knack for creating massively suspenseful, cinematic tracks. Their composition styles complement each other perfectly, building up mind-bending amounts of energy and releasing it in an extraordinary fashion. “Silo” calls upon the newer wave-style of trap that Sable Valley has had a hand in championing, and here, they push it to the limits.

This is just one of many huge tracks that were released today via the Sable Valley Summer Vol. 3 compilation. The album features a ton of artists who we’re into right now, such as Saka, REMNANT.exe, X&G, and many more. You can listen to the full thing right here.

You can listen to this massive new tune from RL Grime, Hex Cougar, and fknsyd below. Enjoy!

RL Grime & Hex Cougar – Silo (feat. fknsyd)