Roberto Capuano Captivates On Deliciously Dark Techno Double-Single “Wave Theory / Silent Nights”

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Italian producer Roberto Capuano is no stranger to some of the hottest techno labels in the world. He’s a regular on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode, but his newest double single “Wave Theory / Silent Nights” marks his first release on the US based Factory 93, an imprint of Insomniac. 

In case your morning coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, these two singles are sure to wake you up. “Wave Theory” unleashes a tidal wave of frenzied synth and mechanical drum kicks. Capuano throws in acid synth accents as he builds to the drop, which carries out the rest of the track in a wave of dark techno delirium.

“Silent Nights” builds on the title track’s momentum, although the acid synth here forms the main sonic backbone of the track. A whisper soft female vocal and a spiraling synth melody create an eerie, suspenseful atmosphere that is only heightened by Capuano cutting the drumline right before the drop. And what a drop it is, with an absolutely filthy bass line.

Make sure to check out both tracks below. Enjoy!

Roberto Capuano – Wave Theory/Silent Nights