Step Into The Weekend With Roberto Surace’s Delicious New House Cut, “Cookies”


It wouldn’t be the weekend without some fresh 4×4 rhythms. We got you covered with a slick new party starter titled, “Cookies,” by Italian producer, Roberto Surace.

There’s no two ways about it, this is some Grade-A USDA certified house music. That skittering multi-layered drum kit pairs nicely with the chugging bass line to get you bobbing on beat one, and those intermittent vocal calls pop through just enough to keep you in touch with reality.

You’ll definitely burn a few calories listening to this one, its beat is undeniable and you’re gonna bounce from start to stop. Stream Roberto Surace’s infectious new cut, “Cookies,” below. Enjoy!

Roberto Surace – Cookies (Feat. The Melody Men)