RoeShamBeaux Carve Out Unique And Creative Hip-Hop Style With ‘Emergency’ EP

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Always on the lookout for fresh hip hop in an oversaturated market, we’ve been digging the unique style of upcoming rap duo RoeShamBeaux. The duo has forged a really distinctive sound, and they’ve just released their first EP in the seven song Emergency.

Producer Mikey Sol lays out warm, hazy beats that complement lyricist jaythehomie as he delivers truly creative and emotive vocals with a range of deliveries. Jay’s got some really versatile flow and a really pleasing vocal tone. And Mikey has really proved some real talent, bringing a nicely polished sound laden with silky guitar, soothing synths, captivating sampling, and nice melodies. They spoke on the meaning behind the EP, sharing:

“This tape is about heartbreak, but it’s mostly about healing. And healing at your own pace. The 7 song structure is directly correlated to time. Sometimes it only takes 7 seconds to get over something, or sometimes it can take 7 days. Or even 7 years. It’s all personal, the way this EP is personal.”

In a world where hip hop is seemingly becoming less and less personal, RoeShamBeaux is a breath of fresh air. Lead track “ego death” introduces us to the deeply personal and introspective style that the duo have brought on this particular project. A diverse album that includes chilled out, more evocative songs like “rage” and “waves” as well as upbeat, uber catchy ones like “boyfriend” and titular track “Emergency.” Changing pace for the last track of the EP with “piggy bank,” Roe bring out a harder beat and hammer home the dark undercurrents of the album with some explicit lyricism, accompanied by Richmond rapper Vincesmoke.

RoeShamBeaux have impressed us with their unique sound and versatility on new EP Emergency. You can check it out in the stream below. Enjoy!

RoeShamBeaux – Emergency EP