Rohne Creates A Cathartic Atmosphere with Ethereal New Single “Circles”


We caught wind of downtempo producer Rohne earlier this year, and he’s been feeding our appetite with a steady stream of single releases ever since. The self-taught Oregon musician creates crisp atmospheric sounds that have already been garnering him serious streaming stats. His latest track, “Circles,” is an enchanting and exquisite blend of organic elements and electronic instrumentation. 

Rohne sets up a vast soundscape on “Circles” by laying down some beautiful piano keys and synths and incorporating the sweet harmony of a harp. The components all seem to settle into a role and work off each other for an almost orchestral-like feel, even though it’s a chill, downtempo song. It’s a breezy, airy result, and the type of tune that’s compelling yet relaxing at the same time. 

You can listen to the track below. Enjoy!

Rohne – Circles