Rohne Announces Album, Drops Organic House Number “Flicker”


We have had our eyes (and ears) on Rohne for a while now, keen for an album as he kept rolling out tracks throughout 2021. Now, our prayers have been answered, as he graciously dropped the date for Forms, coming early October, and gave fans their last little appetizer of what’s in store with “Flicker.” It’s the fifth single he’s put out prior to the record and has a beautiful melody that just solidifies his unceasing talent. 

The sense of calmness and serenity that he manages to capture in his music seems reminiscent of his low-key lifestyle in the PNW woods. Rohne enjoys days of isolation and walks in the forest, and he embodies that essence of tranquility in his enchanting ambient sound. “Flicker” has a simmering, low-tempo rhythm that feels reminiscent of the quiet liveliness of nature, creating a comforting atmosphere. The track does get a little increase in energy with lofty notes and powerful vocals, achieving a vibrant vibration that has you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed all at once.

You can stream the track below. Enjoy! 

Rohne – Flicker