Rohne’s LP, ‘Forms,’ Is a Tranquil Exploration Into His Connection With The World


One of our favorite discoveries of the year came by way of the Pacific Northwest-based, self-taught downtempo producer, Rohne. Drawing influences from a wide range of genres, Rohne’s nuanced style of electronic music is an intimate and immersive experience of its own. After a number of single releases and anticipation, we’re happy to announce the unveiling of his second album, Forms.

Days of isolation, walks in the forest, and studio time stood as the foundation to explore his love of philosophy and the boundaries of creativity. Rohne uses the world around him to influence his art and Forms is a tranquil exploration into his connection with the world. “Ceres” opens things up with a beautiful vocal-led downtempo melody. Tracks like “Past Light” and “Dust” provide more atmospheric additions to the serene energy and showcase Rohne’s ability to craft ambient music to go along with his melodic pieces.

Stream the full project below and enjoy!

Rohne – Forms