Rising Producer Rohne Goes Deep With Organic, Ambient Sound on “Twelve”


If moody, atmospheric beats paired with melodic, deep production sound like your cup of tea, you’re going to want to check out Rohne. The talented electronic producer is making his TSIS debut with his new release “Twelve”.

Rohne’s upbringing in the Pacific Northwest is evident in his sound design. Listening to his music conjures up images of remote, misty beaches and stormy mountains.

“Twelve” is full of brooding piano melodies and lush beats, with wind chimes acting as the perfect accent. The track is a bit faster paced than some of his previous releases. This experimentation is intentional; Rohne described in a press release his newfound appreciation for techno while creating the song.

Last winter I settled into a steady routine of studio time, reading, walks in the forest, and teaching myself to play the piano. I was also discovering a new appreciation for a lot of ambient, classical, and techno music. Twelve feels like a pretty accurate sum of my inspirations and life from that period, and was definitely a step into some new creative territory for me.

Combined with the organic, reverberating synth of “Twelve,” his classical and modern influences create a richly textured, contemplative track. You can get lost in this ambient song using the link below. Enjoy!

Rohne – Twelve