Rome In Silver Unleashes Brilliant New ‘Makeshift Moon’ EP via bitbird

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Rome In Silver is undoubtedly one of the producers in electronic music who excites us the most right now. We give high praise to individuality, and Rome In Silver has proved time and time again that he makes music that doesn’t sound like anybody else. The first time he really blew us away was with his Like Lightning EP that dropped last year via bitbird. Today he follows that project up with another five-track EP on bitbird titled Makeshift Moon.

Per Rome In Silver’s versatility, this EP has a little bit of everything. Trap, breaks, house, and more fill out this release, keeping the listener on their toes throughout. In fact, we’re not even sure how to classify the last track, “You Know.” This is just another testament to his unique sound.

Here’s what Rome In Silver had to say about writing the EP:

I definitely took in a lot of my surroundings when I made this EP” he says “Each track was written in a different location ranging from Palm Springs to Orange County…they all have a drastically different feel. You can feel the solitude of the desert [on one track] and the uplifting and euphoric mood of the ocean [on another.]

You can listen to Rome In Silver’s sophomore bitbird EP, Makeshift Moon, below. Enjoy!

Rome In Silver – Makeshift Moon EP