Hear RÜFÜS DÜ SOL’s Mesmerizing ‘Essential Mix’ Debut For BBC Radio 1

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Over the past few years, the three-piece group that is RÜFÜS DÜ SOL has steadily risen to be perhaps the best in live electronic music today. During their ascent to fame, the Australian trio have been supported consistently by none other than the legendary Pete Tong. It is fitting that just after the release of their highly acclaimed third studio album, Solace, that Pete Tong has invited them to deliver an Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1.

RÜFÜS DÜ SOL’s debut on the Essential Mix series is an amazing collection of deep, inspiring cuts that perfectly capture the mood of RÜFÜS’s sound. Those who haven’t had the chance to catch the trio live before may not know that they’re all also well versed in the art of putting together a DJ set. They’re DJ sets have never been something to shy away from, and this Essential Mix proves just that.

Get deep into the mix with RÜFÜS with tunes from artists such as Durante, Icarus, Adam Port, and many edits of their own tracks. Click here to stream the full 2 hour mix. Enjoy!