Rüfüs Du Sol Drop Energetic New Single “Lost In My Mind” Off Forthcoming Album


Rüfüs Du Sol has been rolling out new music lately and we can’t get enough of it. They’ve already shared songs like “No Place” and “Underwater,” and have a new treat for us again today with the release of another new single titled “Lost In My Mind.” Rufus has been teasing their new ablum Solace with the announcement of the release date of October 12 in an interview with Zane Lowe while premiering this new single. 

We basically took a two-day trip to the desert, to Joshua Tree. The intention was to go find some lyrics for a few of the songs that didn't have any final lyrics on it. We took a synth and a small recording set up up there. On the first night we were like let's just break the ice and you know have a bit of fun and just mess around with an idea. All the lyrics of “Lost In My Mind" were written in that one day and then the song pretty much formed over that two-day period. We went for a few little wonders in the desert like on these big rock outcrops and found some lyrics for a few of the other songs. And it's scary man, it’s scary. I mean that's what the song is about a little bit, just been content with like we’ve had some experiences out in the desert just sort of losing some of your friends and just being like you know what, I’m sweet. – Rufus Du Sol

This new track incorporates some sampled vocals bringing a worldly sound to them while taking an energetic approach to the production. This is one of the more upbeat songs from Rufus out of the new singles and we can’t wait to hear the full album next month. See the full interview below as well and enjoy!

Rufus Du Sol – Lost In My Mind