Saba Returns With Two New Smooth, Introspective Singles “Ziplock” and “Rich Don’t Stop”


We’re convinced Saba can do no wrong. The Chicago native has made a name for himself as a super talented rapper and advocate for independent artists. He recently published a transparent essay giving insight into the pros and cons of being indie vs. signing with a label. His latest drop, two tracks called “Ziplock” and “Rich Don’t Stop,” continues that theme of describing his journey to success.

“Ziplock” is a self-reflective, moody track that sees Saba reflecting on the struggling of coming up from poverty. “Rich Don’t Stop” is slightly more upbeat than its companion track, with its melodic production. On this song, Saba raps about the new, unanticipated costs that come with fame.

Both these songs come together to create an introspective, mellow but confident vibe that we hope sets the tone for his next album, which a press release confirms he’s been working on. Saba also released a music video that combines that 2 tracks. You can check it out below. Enjoy!

Saba – Ziplock / Rich Don’t Stop