Rising Rapper SAINt JHN Flexes On Everyone With Hype New Single “McDonalds Rich”


Ever since SAINt JHN dropped his debut project, Collection One, we’ve been on the lookout for any moves the Brooklyn rapper was going to make next. Collection One was filled with no nonsense, hard as hell beats and impeccable flow and was easily one of our favorite hip-hop albums of the year so far. It’s been a few months since the album dropped, and SAINt JHN is officially back with a gritty, brand new single titled “McDonald’s Rich.”

There’s no hidden messages in this track. SAINt JHN has one thing to say right here, and it’s the fact that he can flex on anyone. What better way to get the word out by claiming you’re as rich as one of the biggest corporations in the world? The beat behind SAINt JHN’s captivating voice is distorted, murky, and chock-full of heavy low-end: perfect for bumping in the whip.

Stream “McDonald’s Rich” below and enjoy!

SAINt JHN – McDonald's Rich