Saka Delves Into The Metaphysical Realm With Acid-Drenched Trap Single “Esper”

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Quickly-rising producer Saka has been on quite a tear over the last year. With a quickly growing discography of some of the most gritty, destructive tracks we’ve heard in a while, the LA-based bass-bringer has delved into the wonders of the mind with brain-bending new single “Esper“.

There have been quite a few newcomers making waves in the experimental bass realm over the past few years – but Saka may be one of the most unconventional out of the freshmen class. With this latest featuring a masterful, EPROM / G Jones reminiscent meld between trap, experimental bass and acid, the up-and-comer is definitely on his way to great things.

Taking inspiration seemingly from all over the bass-music spectrum (and definitely beyond) Saka continues to blow our mind with his heavy, intricate sound design and left-field twists, turns and switch-ups throughout his eccentrically structured tracks. Stream “Esper”, out now via Bassrush Records below and enjoy!

Saka – Esper