[PREMIERE] Salva Delivers 17-Track Beat Tape ‘Clips’ + Full Stems For The Project

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Salva is back with a full new project! The LA-based talented producer has put his hip-hop and electronic production on full display across the 17-track project titled Clips we’re excited to be premiering today.

The beat tape takes an interesting “open source” concept encouraging artists to collaborate and utilize others’ content opposed to much of the current musical landscape that makes bootleg remixes and samples illegal, which limits many artists and opportunities for underground music to see the light of day. Salva’s approach to this open collaboration is brought to fruition by all music stems being available as well as a sample pack. 

The project is a diverse showcase of Salva’s styles combining trap and experimental sound designs with many different hip-hop elements present throughout. It’s an impressive project that shows how hands-on Salva is with his releases as he’s written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered the music on his own while also creating all design, layout, graphics and animations for the beat tape. He also has his exciting Peacemaker 2 follow-up to his star-studded 2014 Peacemaker album that we can’t wait for. Here's the samples for those of you looking to do some remixes! Stay tuned for more and enjoy!

Salva – Clips