Sam Gellaitry Brings a “New Wave” of Dance Energy with New Single


It’s Friday, the workweek is behind us, and the weekend has arrived. Everyone knows how crucial it is to start the weekend off with the right vibe, and Scottish artist, Sam Gellaitry, is happy to oblige with his latest single, “New Wave.”

Sam’s been leaning more into his vocal electro-pop sensibilities in recent seasons and we’ve been thoroughly about it. This newest track follows suit with an empowered synth groove and Sam’s modulated voice working in tandem to transport listeners to a futuristic hall of dance. The energy is upbeat but the lyrics tell a tale of internal struggle as Gellaitry shares:

“New Wave” to me is a coming of age, ’80s inspired track I wrote which dives into the pressures that are faced when transitioning from innocence into a party filled adulthood. It also brings to light the tug of war that substances and alcohol create from within and how eventually one side must win. In this instance, I end the track with a cry for help begging to be taken back into the lifestyle I thrived in as a child before this spiritual warfare began.

Whether you’re prepping for a night out or jamming on a night in, good luck keeping the volume down for this one. Stream Sam Gellaitry’s new single, “New Wave,” below. Enjoy!

Sam Gellaitry – New Wave