Same Beat Controversy: Brand New Eminem & Maino, both do same beat | Who’s Sicker?

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So in the past week I've listened to a bunch of sick tracks, some sent in by listeners like mattj and mschuster. And two of these songs, Eminem's latest single leak "Not Afraid" and Maino's "Survival of the Fittest" both use the same beat. After further looking into it I found out the track was originally for Maino's newest album. We'll see who, or if both of them release it. The producer of the track is Boi-1da. Well the first one up is Eminem's "Not Afraid" which is a real sick song, especially if you've ever been an Eminem fan, as he goes back to older style as opposed to having a really awkward sounding voice. Well listen to this, and be sure to here Maino's over the same beat and post which you like better!

Not Afraid – Eminem


Download (Click Link on Page)

Next up we've got Maino ft. August with "Survival of the Fittest" and it is real sick also, I haven't decided which I like more. Give each a good listen all the way through and post a comment to which you like more, and in 2 days i'll post which got the most posts, downloads, and my favorite. Enjoy!

Survival of the Fittest – Maino ft. Augst


Download (Click Link on Page)