San Holo Shares New Single “IT HURTS!” From Upcoming Album


San Holo‘s second studio album, bb u ok?, is starting to take shape, and we’re loving the sounds so far. This newest one, “IT HURTS!” is a perfectly splendid mix of genres, executed masterfully by the multi-faceted Dutch artist.

Equipped with his guitar, San Holo noodles a vibrant melody with some warm atmospheric sounds floating in the background. The song builds up to a climactic point that introduces some strong sounding bass, but the way San blends it into the rest of the track allows the song to retain its upbeat positive energy while giving it just the right amount umph.

Speaking of “IT HURTS!” this is what San Holo had to say:

I wrote “IT HURTS!” about love originally, but just like a lot of my music it’s just as applicable to life in general. There are ups and downs in life and plenty of moments that ‘hurt’. Life can be tough. Life can be ugly. But it’s that pain that makes it all ‘real’, whether that’s pain coming from love, or the struggles of life in general.

You can stream the new San Holo single below. Enjoy!

San Holo – IT HURTS!