San Holo Pours His Heart Out On Radiant New Single “Lead Me Back”

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With an impressive, continuously growing catalog ranging from heavy melodic trap to bright, emotional ballads and everything in-between, we’ve still yet to find a San Holo release we didn’t like. Still riding the success of his incredible debut LP album1, today the multi-talented Dutch artist has continued to impress with his new single “Lead Me Back”.

For years now San Holo has been slowly developing and experimenting with his unique guitar-centric sound. Although at times it may seem that he’s taken quite a departure from his original “swirl” future-bass style, it’s become apparent over the last year that San has been masterfully mixing his lo-fi rock foundations (as heard on his recent Casilofi reboot) with his powerful melodic trap style to create something incredibly unique.

With this latest offering San reminisces upon his past, chronicling elation and sorrow throughout the highs and lows of love, always searching for a way to reclaim the happiness he once felt. Packed with lush acoustic guitar, heavy pulsing bass, vibrant plucked arpeggios and of course San’s own beautiful vocals, with his own Red Rocks show on the way, “Lead Me Back” has only made us more excited to see what 2019 holds for San and the entire bitbird crew. Check out the video for the new single below and enjoy!

San Holo – Lead Me Back