San Holo Sings & Plays Guitar On Impressive New Song “Right Here Right Now” Ft. Taska Black


San Holo’s continuous transparency with his fans and peers is incredibly respectable. From sharing tutorial videos illustrating how he made his songs to constantly sharing ideas, updates (and plants) via social media, the multi-talented Dutch producer consistently shows that he is not only an incredible artist, but just an overall awesome human. Now, after only a few weeks since announcing that he was working on an album and experimenting with his sound, San has teamed up with Taska Black on a brand new single titled “Right Here, Right Now” that San actually offers own vocals on.

Although we haven’t heard these two on a track together before now (apart from the bitbird mega collab), seeing as the Dutch and Belgian producers are not only labelmates, but live about an hour and a half away from each other, this collab definitely seems overdue. Starting off slow with some warbling synth chords and some distant whistling, San’s soft vocals slowly float in over some gentle percussion, progressing the song into an emotional drop driven by a booming bass, silky vocal harmonies and some crunchy electric guitar – most likely played by San himself. Check out “Right Here, Right Now” below and enjoy!

San Holo – Right Here Right Now (Ft. Taska Black)