San Holo Gifts Must Hear New Melodic ‘The Trip’ EP To Fans


There is very little left for San Holo to prove to anyone. After his breakout year he's established himself as one of the top melodic bass producers, started his own successful label bitbird, and sold out numerous shows on his most recent headlining tour. What he can and will do, however, is keep putting quality music on a regular basis. He’s about as consistent as they get.

Today, San Holo adds to his amazing catalog of feel-good tunes with a brand new EP that he’s presenting as a gift to his fans. The Trip EP consists of three dazzling, melodic tracks that are sure to brighten your Christmas day. San Holo sticks to his signature style on this project, utilizing soft piano melodies with light, playful synths, a sound that has resonated with his fans since day one.

Another thing we love about this EP is the way each track flows into one another flawlessly, making it sound like one, long, eclectic, future bass ballad. There’s also a beautiful acoustic cover of the track “B Song” by Analogue Dear. Enjoy!

San Holo – The Trip EP