PREMIERE | Savoy Continue Their Chill Electronic Journey On Uplifting Single “Let You Go”

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If you’re looking for a melodic, upbeat track to start your day Savoy has you covered. The Brooklyn-based trio have just dropped their latest track “Let You Go” on Monstercat and it’s another step into their new, chilled-out sound.

"This record is about realizing you can’t live without someone. It is both a look at the past when everything was perfect and a vision into the future when everything will make sense again. Great things take time." – Savoy

Savoy started out the year with the funky, guitar-infused track “Don’t Quit Me Now” signaling a different direction for a group that has frequently switched up their sound through their career. Now they’ve successfully used a combination of vibrant chord progressions and mellow, rolling basslines to create a track that’s guaranteed to lift your mood. Savoy adds an artful tinge of nostalgia to the track with ringing, mystical synths. Enjoy!

Savoy – Let You Go