SBTRKT Shares First New Album In 7 Years, ‘THE RAT ROAD’


SBTRKT last released a new album back in 2016, with his dynamic LP, SAVE YOURSELF. After seven years of his fans patiently waiting, and his creative juices continuing to flow, the iconic artist is finally ready to share twenty two (!!) new tracks on his newest, and possibly most impressive album yet, THE RAT ROAD.

An orchestral arrangement beautifully begins the LP, taking the listener on an enchanting journey through strings and uplifting progressions. SBTRKT flexes his range as a producer throughout the album, showcasing the groovy, soulful style we know and love, while also reserving tracks like “YOU, LOVE,” to explore his love for genres like drum & bass.

SBTRKT shared his thoughts on the LP via his Instagram, commenting:

I FINALLY DROPPED A NEW SBTRKT ALBUM !!  🐁 Can’t quite believe that ! Its the record I’ve put the most time in to and my heart and soul and hope you hear a little bit of that! I’ve been thorugh every possible space when creating this. Quite large lows ond questioning whether i wanted to be a part of the music industry. Euphoric highs of achieving something i liked! Connecting with artists that i really respected. Meeting new artists i built whole new worlds with! I tried to be as happy with the record myself before i let go of into the world and i’ve spent years listening to some of these songs! 😭  And i’m more content with the sound of this than anything i’ve made before. It wouldn’t sound the way it does without the amazing vocalists who’ve played a part in the journey of its creation. And there’s plenty others who I met and inspired steps along way. in order of appearance! PawPawRod / Teezo Touchdown / Toro y Moi/ Sampha/ George Riley/ Leilah / Anna Wise / Kai-Isaiah Jamal / D-Double-E/ Tevn/ Saya Gray & Little Dragon

You can stream THE RAT ROAD at the link below. Enjoy!