Second Brooklyn Mirage Attendee Has Gone Missing in Past Weeks


There’s some disturbing news coming out of the Brooklyn Mirage camp this week. For the second time in six weeks, a Brooklyn Mirage attendee has gone missing, prompting an investigation from the NYPD.

According to the report, a Goldman Sachs senior analyst by the name of John Castic has vanished after leaving Zeds Dead’s Deadbeats show on Friday July 28th.

Sara Kostecka, a close friend of John’s, had this to say about the disappearance:
“I’ve heard rumors from people about being asked to hop in a taxi/ cab from some creepy people near the Mirage – reminder to stay safe and check in on your friends.”

Another man, Karl Clemente, was apparently turned away from entering Excision’s Brooklyn Mirage show on June 11th. His body was found days later about half a mile away from the venue but his death was not “deemed suspicious.”

There’s currently no direct correlation or hard evidence between the two incidents but something certainly doesn’t feel right. NYPD encourages anyone with information regarding the disappearance of Castic or the death of Clemente to report the info using their Crime Stoppers Tip Line: 800-577-TIPS. Stay safe everyone and take care of eachother!