Swiss Producer Sensu Aptly Blends Genres with New ‘Numéro LDN’ EP


Emerging artist Sensu has just dropped her latest EP Numéro LDN today. The five-track EP follows the release of her single and first song on the project, titled “Heartbreak” featuring OKAN. There is a sophistication to this EP that clearly reflects Sensu’s evolution from her previous projects. From lo-fi beats and experimental synths, to smooth instrumentals and high tempos each track on the EP perfectly complements the one before it. Including features from OKAN, Jamal Bucanon, and Denyher, Sensu traverses a wide plane of sounds with Numéro LDN.

Inspired by artists like Flume and Mura Masa, Sensu’s production style has evolved beautifully into her own unique sound. Sensu mentioned in an Instagram post that Numéro LDN was her favorite project so far:

ahh it‘s been a journey. this is the one that defines a new era and a new direction! i‘m really happy to finally share the new music with you all. this is my own magazine, which i wrote with many talented and inspiring people. this is the one i‘m most proud of since i started Sensu.

This is the first independent release for Sensu and there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing more of her in the future. You can listen to Numéro LDN below. Enjoy!

Sensu – Numéro LDN