SG Lewis, Channel Tres, & Robyn Link On Rich New Groove “Impact”

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The collab gods are blessing us left and right this week. We are proud to share yet another saucy joint effort to you all, this time coming from two of the hottest producers in the game, SG Lewis and Channel Tres, who are accompanied by Swedish pop star Robyn. From Stockholm, to London, to LA, their new track, “Impact,” will take you sky high.

SG’s uncanny ability to blend serene soundscapes with uptempo dance energy has earned him high praise and headliner spots the world over. Tres’ unique blend of Detroit techno, Chicago house, and West Coast rap has set him apart from any other producer out there and has exploded to sold out arenas in the past couple years. Put the two together and you track that is just begging for a proper rinse.

“Impact” features glistening sound design with a lush golden hue and offers the perfect sonic escape for anyone needed a little boost.

SG Lewis, Channel Tres, & Robyn – Impact