Watch Shae District Perform Their New EP Live From Nederland


We love a good live performance video Рespecially one where the artist is immersed in nature (as evidenced here). Today, Denver-based electronic duo, Shae District, take to the trees for a live iteration of their recently released self-titled EP.

Surrounded by the wonder of the forest (and a touch of fog, for dramatic effect), Shae District’s performance and music perfectly blend in with the organic nature of their environment. The duo utilize analog synthesizers, midi controllers, and vocals to make up their simplistic, cohesive setup. Only the essentials are needed for their live performance to shine, as the duo’s natural talents radiate through.

Shae District’s Debjit Das shares:

There’s a certain ethereal quality that permeates surreal landscapes. If you’ve ever wandered through Sherwood Forest at night, during the renowned Electric Forest festival, you’re enveloped by an overwhelming sense of wonder and awe. Our goal was to capture this essence and infuse it into our own production. With the collective talent of our designers and producers, we were able to achieve this vision amidst the enchanting backdrop of Nederland, Colorado.

You can watch the full live performance at the link below. Enjoy!

Shae District | Live From Nederland